Music Industry Fundamentals

Learn and explore the nuances of the changed music industry.

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Course Summary

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Introduction to the basic economics of creative industries, focusing on unique ways music works as an industry in the U.S. and abroad, how power has shifted but still is held in musical oligopolies, and where career opportunities for musicians and other industry professionals will be in the next five to 10 years for students.

The goals of the class aren’t to teach you the pre-2020 past or give you definitive answers to 2022-2025 for your careers and creative directions. The learning goals are to give you tools to thrive and engage with these changing environments, no matter the direction you may head in music and in life. This is a meta-learning experience: learning to learn as we head into diverse and changing futures. Yet to learn about the future, you will need to deeply engage in the present and the past, including into power processes and regulation, locally, nationally, and internationally.  

Gigi Johnson

As a Renaissance Woman, Dr. Gigi Johnson navigates how tech disrupts and opens doorways for leaders to re-narrate together how we create, live, and work. She is a futurist and program builder at the Maremel Institute and Rethink Next, where she develops educational and leadership programs on possible futures, especially of creative work. Most recently, she co-produced the Amplify Music Initiative, bringing together more than 45 organizations around the world to collaborate and observe emergent change and leadership in local music during and recovering from the Pandemic.  She has hosted 2 podcasts: Amplify Music and Creative Innovators (now in Season 2).  Her diverse experiences include producing early YouTube series, financing media and early cellular at Bank of America for a decade, creating cutting-edge digital disruption courses for both executives and students at UCLA Anderson, and singing jazz and folk across LA.

For more than 20 years, she created innovation programs at UCLA and taught classes for creative professionals to thrive in the face of digital disruption.  For 10 years, she ran a variety of programs and classes at UCLA Anderson on how digital was disrupting a wide variety of industries.  At the Center for Music Innovation at UCLA Alpert, she researched and taught how tech-driven innovations are transforming music experiences, systems, and communities.  She led a 2019 conference on LA as a tangled but growing Music City. As host of the podcast "Innovating Music" for four years, she showcased diverse innovators changing music.   

She received her EdD from Fielding Graduate University, her MBA from UCLA Anderson, and her BA in Cinematic Arts from USC.

Get 50% through the end of the year using code "LaunchSALE22"

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